Fabiano D'Amato



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I’ve always been fascinated by the blank spots on the map, the sometimes unseen places and people that make our world so endlessly surprising. Making films quickly became a way to fleetingly live other lives, to share experiences and understand different perspectives. And most importantly, a tool to promote positive change.

For close to a decade, I have been directing, filming and editing documentaries and institutional videos in all parts of the planet. My work has taken me from isolated tribes in the Amazon to rockabilly bands in Sweden and underwater mountains in the Indian Ocean.

My main interest is to expose socio-environmental issues, diving deep into the complex challenges of our modern world. However, I am also constantly on the lookout for the unexpected stories that reveal the beauty and madness of the human experience.

Based in Switzerland, I speak English, French and Italian and own a full video, sound and drone kit. I can work alone or call upon a trusted network of talented professionals (animators, underwater cameramen, voice-over artists etc.), depending on the nature and ambitions of each project.

Over the years, I have regularly collaborated with acclaimed filmmakers, major international institutions and national broadcasters, including:

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